*Disclaimer: The add-on described here is not yet live in AgencyAnalytics. These articles are currently live as part of the add-on approval process.*

Our Google Sheets add-on is available within Google Sheets, from the Google Workspace Marketplace. This add-on enables you to pull data from the integrations you've connected to AgencyAnalytics, directly into a Google Sheet.

Before following the connection steps below, first ensure that your browser is set to allow all cookies. If this setting is not turned on, you may run into issues logging into the app.

Connecting the AgencyAnalytics add-on within Google Sheets

To get started, head to the Google Sheet you'd like to start pulling data into. On the sidebar to the right, click the plus sign to launch Google's Workspace Marketplace. If the sidebar isn't visible, expand it by clicking the < in the bottom right.

From here, search for AgencyAnalytics in the upper right corner of the Google Workspace Marketplace popover, then select our add-on.

On the next page of the popover, click Install in the upper right to launch the authorization window.

In this popup window, first select the account you'd like to connect with AgencyAnalytics, then on the following page click Allow in the bottom right to save.

This will complete and authorize our connection to Google Sheets, and you'll see AgencyAnalytics as a menu option in the center, top of your screen.

Now that the AgencyAnalytics add-on is connected, you'll need to login to the add-on with your AgencyAnalytics credentials. Click AgencyAnalytics at the top of the page, then Launch Sidebar from the dropdown.

This will open the AgencyAnalytics sidebar. Click the Site Address field, and enter in the URL you use when logging into AgencyAnalytics. If you're an Admin, this will be app.agencyanalytics.com. If you're a staff user, this would be the URL you sign into our platform from. If you're not sure, follow the steps here to locate the custom URL.

Enter in the same email address and password you use on AgencyAnalytics.com in the Email and Password fields, then login.

Now that you've authenticated our add-on, and logged into your AgencyAnalytics account, you're ready to create your first query.

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