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Add custom Klaviyo metrics to dashboards and reports
Add custom Klaviyo metrics to dashboards and reports

Add either the Total or Value Klaviyo widget, then select the custom Klaviyo metric you'd like to display.

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Adding your custom Klaviyo Metrics to Dashboards and Reports

In Klaviyo, users are able to create their own custom metrics. Adding these Klaviyo metrics to your Dashboards and Reports is a slightly different process than with other integrations; you'll need to add the widget first, then select the metric to display.
To get started, edit the dashboard or report, then search Klaviyo in the sidebar on the right. Next, drag and drop the Total or Value widget onto the board.

Click the widget, then select the Data tab at the top of the sidebar. On this page you can format the selected widget. Click the dropdown below Klaviyo Metric to see all the custom Klaviyo metrics that you've created.

After you've selected your Klaviyo custom metric from the dropdown, the widget's name will automatically update to the Klaviyo metric name.

This process is just for widgets where you'd like to display a Klaviyo metric that you created yourself. If you'd like to add standard Klaviyo metrics to your Klaviyo reporting tool, the regular steps for adding widgets to dashboards and reports apply.

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