API units usage

Our SEMrush integration uses your existing SEMrush subscription to fetch backlinks data within our platform. Incidentally, this will use API credits from your SEMrush plan's allotment. As a rule of thumb, you'll use 40 API units for each row in our tables.

We load live data each time you change dashboards (or each time we compile data for your reports), so keep that in mind when using our platform to pull in your SEMrush data.

Additionally, you'll sometimes use slightly more than the exact numbers mentioned above, for example to load a bit of extra information in our pie chart and line chart widgets, or for other reasons.


In my screenshot of our SEMrush "backlinks" dashboard below, we're showing 11 rows in the table:

So that would cost 440 API units (11 rows x 40 credits).

If you switch to a different dashboard, for example the "referring domains" dashboard, we'll pull in more data via the API:

In the above example, we're showing another 11 rows, so that's another 440 API units. 

Keeping track of your usage

You can find out how many API credits you currently have, as well as monitor your usage, through this link: https://www.semrush.com/api-use/

Restricting access to reduce API credit usage

If you're worried about client users (or staff) browsing too much data, you can edit their user permissions to disable their access to that dashboard.

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