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Everything you need to know about our tasks feature.

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Tasks Overview

Agencies often need to keep track of progress and delegate various tasks related to their clients' campaigns. Our tasks feature provides you with an easy way to do so, directly from within the relevant campaign.

The tasks module allows you to assign tasks to both staff and client accounts, set due dates, monitor the status of these tasks, as well as display complete and incomplete tasks directly in your automated reports.

Tasks are available for all of our Agency and Enterprise plan subscribers.

Using the tasks dashboard

The tasks dashboard is your central hub for tasks. From here, you can create new tasks and task lists, assign them to users or give them a due date. You can access the Tasks feature from the campaign's Overview page.

Then, click on the Tasks tab.

If you don't see it, ensure you have the correct subscription level to access tasks, and ensure your user account has permission to access it (you might need to contact your account admin if you don't have access).

Incomplete tasks

When you access the tasks dashboard, the first page you'll be presented with is the Incomplete tasks tab. This is where you'll create tasks, monitor their progress, assign them to a user account, give them a due date and finally mark them as complete. At first, this dashboard will be empty, but you can easily add task lists and tasks with the instructions below.

Task lists

Task lists are where all of your tasks reside. These are intended to help you manage your agency workflow, and to organize your task items thematically. All tasks must be created within a task list.

Working with tasks

Once you've created a task list, you can create individual tasks for your users. Tasks can be assigned to both staff and client accounts, as well as given a due date. 

Completed tasks

Once a task is completed, a user can click the checkmark to the left of the task to mark it as complete:

Completed tasks will then be automatically moved to the completed tasks section. You can view and monitor all completed tasks by clicking the "Complete" option at the top left of the dashboard:

You will then see all of the completed tasks, ordered by their completion date:

Note that completed tasks are shown only if they were completed within your chosen date range. If you don't see a completed task there, check your date range. This functionality is designed to help you easily track and report on tasks that were completed during a specific date range.

Filtering tasks

A great way to sort through large amounts of tasks is to make use of our different filtering options. From the settings button within the tasks module, you'll be able to filter tasks by assigned user or by category. This makes it easier to monitor a specific user, or specific list's tasks.

Adding tasks to your reports

Your tasks can also be added to your automated reports, so your clients can view the progress and work that you've completed (or planned) over a given reporting period.

Incomplete tasks

Completed tasks

You can also further customize your reports by editing the task widget settings, to display only specific task categories or only the tasks assigned to a specific user.

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