How to earn credit for referrals

When you refer someone to AgencyAnalytics and they become a paid monthly subscriber, you earn a $50 credit toward your next invoice as part of our partner program.

To receive this credit, give your coupon code to the person you're referring. When the person you refer enters the coupon code at checkout:

  • They'll get a 50% discount on their first monthly invoice.

  • You'll receive a $50 credit for your next invoice.

Where to find your referral code

To navigate to your Referral Program area, click "Settings" in your root Campaigns left-side menu.

Next, choose Referral Program from the

At the top of the page you'll see a variety of metrics, these are:

  • Available Credits: This is the dollar amount of credits to be applied to your next invoice(s)

  • Total Referrals: The total number of customers you've referred

  • Total Earnings: The total dollar amount of credits that you've earned from our referral program

Scroll down to see your coupon code, and your current reward amount. Anyone you refer should enter this coupon when purchasing their subscription.

The last section will show the date, name, and amount earned for each referral.

Note: Referral discounts are only credited for monthly subscriptions, as yearly subscriptions already come with a built-in 2-month discount. We reserve the right to remove credits if an account shows signs of abuse or over-use of referral codes.

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