We'd love to offer a "local citations" integration. We haven't yet located one that:

  1. Is widely used
  2. Offers a FREE API
  3. Has an API that's available to us for testing and development

Here are the top options that we've considered, along with the issues that each presents:

  • BrightLocal. Not an option, as they charge $.05 per API call. Each page load of an integration with BrightLocal could use 20-30 API calls. Those charges are applied to YOUR BrightLocal account; not ours. Depending on your usage, you could end up with thousands of dollars a month in charges from BrightLocal. 
  • Yext. This is a possibility, as their API is public and available to us for testing and development. We do, of course, offer a Yext reviews integration. We haven't seen a lot of support for Yext as a local citations provider. If you would like us to add Yext Citations, please cast your vote here, at our feature suggestions portal, with a comment in support of Yext.
  • Moz Local. Our top choice. Only Enterprise customers have API access. We've been unable to get access to their API for testing and development. If you're an Enterprise Moz Local customer and are willing to let us "borrow" your API key in the name of moving this integration forward, please get in touch.
  • WhiteSpark. Not an option, as they charge $.15 per API call. Could get ridiculously expensive for our customers who connected this integration.
  • Vendasta. Similar situation to Moz Local. Their API is available to customers on their Pro plan and above, and we'd need to "borrow" a current customer's API key for testing and development.

Can you help with Moz Local or Vendasta? Do you know of another major local citations provider that would meet our criteria? Don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@agencyanalytics.com

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