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What does "Not Provided" mean in the Google Analytics integration?
What does "Not Provided" mean in the Google Analytics integration?

"Not Provided" means that Google is choosing not to show you what the keywords were.

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Often you'll see one of the top keywords in the Google Analytics integration listed as "Not Provided".

Google began hiding the keywords used to find a site by users who were logged into their Google account at the time of the search back in 2010. Google claims that this was done in the name of protecting user privacy. Many people in the industry feel that the true reason was to push marketers away from SEO and toward Google Ads.

Whatever the reason, you'll see this "Not Provided" indicator in your native Google Analytics interface, as well as in our platform. We can only report the data that we receive from Google, and we have no way to find out what those "Not Provided" keywords actually were.

A few blogs out there claim to have a workaround, but those workarounds are meant to help you sleuth out the actual keywords on your own; they don't provide a way to get Google Analytics to provide the keywords. You're welcome to attempt the workarounds, but be advised that no workaround exists that will allow you to see those keywords in GA, and by extension to see them in our platform.

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