How to manage starred keywords within a PDF report

You can filter keywords using stars within PDF reports, just as you can within the dashboard.

First, navigate to your reports interface. Create or open a scheduled or downloadable report. Add the SEO --> Rank Tracker section, or navigate to an already existing SEO --> Rank Tracker section.

Once there, hover your mouse over a widget and click the "..." that appears in the widget's upper right corner.

This opens the widgets settings and filters on the left side of the screen, as a sidebar.

Click 'Data' in the tabs at the top of this sidebar to be shown the different filters available. You'll see an option labeled "Starred Keywords". Click the drop down switch between displaying "All Keywords" and only the "Starred Keywords".

This has the same effect as choosing the "Starred Keywords" filter in the dashboard, as described here. I.E., when you toggle this option on, this report section will only display data for starred keywords, both in the graphs, and in the table section.

In addition, just as with the starred keywords functionality in the dashboard, all starred keywords will appear at the top of the keyword list in the SEO --> Rank Tracker report sections, and will remain at the top of the list regardless of any "sort" operations that are otherwise applied.

As always, be sure to save your report before you exit.

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