You can easily filter by segment within our Google Analytics integration.

First, you'll need to ensure you've created the segment in your Google Analytics account.

From there, you can see that segment in AgencyAnalytics in a number of ways.

Showing a segment on Google Analytics dashboards

To view Google Analytics dashboards, select Analytics > Google Analytics from a campaign's left side menu.

Then click the settings button at the top right, and choose your segment from the "FIlters" area.

The segment will apply to all data you see on the dashboard.

Tip: quickly share this data via the dashboard export button.

Showing a segment in a custom dashboard or report widget

To set a single widget to show your segment, simply open the report widget's settings or the custom dashboard widget's settings.

You'll see a "Segment" option under the Data tab. Choose your segment, then click "Save"

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