One of the most important features of our Tasks module is the ability to assign tasks to specific staff members. This article will detail the process for doing so.

How to assign tasks to team members

First, make sure that you've given the staff member in question the appropriate permissions to be able to access the Tasks module. You can read more about setting permissions in this article.

Next, navigate to the "Tasks" module, within the campaign for which you wish to assign a task.

Hover over any item in your task list. A "pencil" icon and a red "X" will appear, over to the right.

Click the pencil. A grey bar will appear, which will either indicate the name of the user whom the task is currently assigned to, or, if it is assigned to no one one, will say "Unassigned no due date". Click the grey bar to open the "assignment" option for editing

Select the user you wish to assign the task to from the pull down menu. Click back on the main screen to exit the "assignment" view and click the save button for that task item.

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