What does it mean when I see a message saying "Where do you want your users to login"?

This message means exactly what it says! We require that all Client/Staff users login using a white labeled custom domain/sub-domain. Even if you don't intend to fully white label your dashboard, you MUST create a custom domain/sub-domain before you can create any Client/Staff users, and those Client/Staff users must login at that custom URL.

If you haven't configured your custom URL yet, you'll be prompted to do this when you try to create a user.

Simply click Custom Subdomain, or Custom Domain (if this option is available on your subscription), and enter your custom URL. For the Custom Domain option, you'll also need to set up a CNAME record. See here for more information on this.

Once you've created the custom subdomain or custom domain, you'll be able to create users as normal.

To create or edit your custom subdomain or custom domain at any other time, go to your white label settings dashboard.

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